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Volume 3 Issue 1 (January 2021)

Original articles

Narration Implications in Graphic Design

Sahar Ali SARHAN

pp. 1 - 11


The cinematic poster design formed symbolic configurations that express the story of the film, which depends on the response of the recipient to the forms implemented by the designer who seeks to meet the need of the recipient, The graphic designer may choose to present his best posters that express the essence of the film and narrative value, one of the most important features of which is the presentation of the narration and its analytical data in the design structure through expressive semantic, which constituted a striking presence and took its importance as a critical concept in design that differs from reality, so cinematic poster designs came close to reality, but with new formulation, based on the foregoing, the research studied (the narration and its implications on graphic design), as the study set a goal for the purpose of reaching a solution to its research problem, which is represented by the following question: What is the narration and its implications on graphic design? As for the aim of the research, it is to identify the narration and its repercussions on graphic design, and the theoretical framework included the topics (concept of narration) (design idea in the design of the cinematic poster) (Semiotic narration in the design of the cinematic poster) and The analysis yielded a set of results, the most important of which were: 1- The research samples showed a narrative presence of the element (the personality), which is represented by the main character, often with a large size, a central location, or with a distinct appearance, or an active personality, and surrounds by the main character and is smaller in size and a secondary site. 2- The narrative concepts in cinematic poster design involve intellectual and constructive interlinkages, which are events and ideas, dealing with social problems, technical display of images, and the treatment of personal entities through features and distribution method. As for the conclusions, we mention: 1- The diversity of the data (idea) in the narratives of the cinematic poster according to the nature of the topic and its relation to the feature of attendance and absence on the one hand, and the effectiveness of significance on the other hand

Keywords: Narration Implications, Design Idea, Narrative Simulations

Evaluating The Performance of Iraqi Newspapers (Field Study)

Ensaif Jasim HAMDAN

pp. 12 - 26


Many press organizations are concerned with the performance evaluation process, whether internally or externally , to know the administration of those institutions where they are from other newspaper ,as well as to determine the degree of journalist's commitment to management standards, legal compliance, and newspaper publishing policies. Our research dealt with evaluating the performance of Iraqi newspapers issued after 2003 and extent of their adherence to professional and constitutional legal standards and the newspaper editorial policies and the extent of commitment of these administrations to the institution to apply the performance evaluation standards for working journalist and what are the negatives that those newspapers suffer in the process of performance evaluation The researcher used the questioner to collect information and the questioner contained seven performance evaluation criteria and included (73) questions.

Keywords: Performance Evaluation, Performance, Iraqi Newspapers, Tareeq Al-Shaab Newspaper, Al-Sabah Al-Jadeed Newspaper, AlMada Newspaper, Al-Zaman Newspaper , Al-Sabah Newspaper.

The Digital Divide And Its Implications For Graphic Designers

Raqee Najmuldeen

pp. 27 - 33


Technology has caused major changes in all fields including the field of graphic designing. These technological advancements have led to a large amount of new software to be created and many new fields under the head of graphic designing to emerge. As a result of this drastic technological change, challenges have been faced by people working under the field. There has been created a gap in the educational sector and the practical sector of graphic designing (Sheila & Waarde, 2020, p. 232), ). The paper problem arises,( traditional graphic designers have also been under a huge challenge, being faced due to the rapid technological changes. Both these issues arise due to the rapid and expensive technological advancements being made in graphic design). These technological advancements still seem to be continuing. Hence it is important to address the current and potential issues. The objective of this paper is to address the issues being faced due to the rapid technological advancements by firstly assessing the impact of these advancements on the field of graphic designing.

Keywords: Graphic Designing, Digital Divide, Implications, Graphic Education