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Volume 2 Issue 4 (September 2020)

Original articles

International Protection Forthe Elderly in Times of International Armed Conflict (Mustard Search)

Hasan M. Salih & Jabbar M. Mahdi

pp. 1 - 13


War is a phenomenon related to human behavior and he was not able to get rid of it, but this does not mean surrendering to it as an inevitable destiny, so many humanitarian efforts emerged in addition to the divine religions ’rulings that culminated in international humanitarian law and its provisions concerned people with being a victim of these conflicts without any discrimination taking into consideration The conditions and conditions of other groups of people are called the (most-favored) categories, where they enjoy special protection that goes back to the circumstances of each case. It is essential protection against the dangers of armed conflict, which is general protection with more specific rules that apply in specific circumstances complementing public protection, and international humanitarian law has left the age limit at the discretion of state governments, and the International Committee of the Red Cross has approved the age of sixty-five years as the age specified for its activities in Helping the elderly, but this protection is marred by a lot of deficiency, and if it is appropriate for the elderly at the time of its issuance, it is no longer appropriate for the time being with the population area occupied by the elderly and their health, economic, psychological and social condition in addition to the qualitative development of the means Yep modern warfare, so we will discuss in this paper the extent of protection provided by the international conventions the basic international humanitarian law that govern international armed conflicts. 

Keywords: Older Persons, International Humanitarian, War, Geneva Conventions.

Geopoitical Representations of the Contemporary World Formation

Ekhlass Yass Khodair

pp. 14 - 28


Geopolitics and their effects on plastic art in the contemporary world the communication and informatics revolution brought about a clear difference in the nature of the circulation of human achievements at the level of ideas, and the material achievements achieved as a subsequent stage. With the escalation of the pace of communication as a result of the tremendous developments in the multi-information media, different societies entered into interactive and reciprocal relationships, exceeding the immunity of geography to meet within a cyber space that allowed the way to build a model for a communicative future that rises to levels that were not calculated or expected, and achieves intellectual, cultural and civilizational cross-fertilization and contributes to the destruction of icons that remained Established for centuries ago. Due to the importance of this and its effects on the plastic arts, this research came (geopolitics and their effects on plastic art in the contemporary world), which included four chapters. The first chapter focused on the methodological framework of the research represented by the research problem, its importance and the aim of the research, and then defining the most important terms. The second chapter included the framework. The theoretical, which contains three topics, the first discusses the geopolitics and its impact on contemporary plastic art, while the second is concerned with communication and communication in contemporary international plastic art, and the third research deals with non-settlement and overcoming geopolitics in contemporary art. While the third chapter was concerned with analyzing samples, through which a set of results were reached, which showed the importance of the Internet and various media in the field of plastic arts, for the creation of works of various formats and styles that have aesthetic goals, which would contribute to the end of geography and history

Keywords: Geopolitical representations of the contemporary world formation, arts.

Modern Commercial Advertising Minimalistic in The Reversal of

Shaimaa Kamil Dakhil

pp. 29 - 43


The changes that took place after the Second World War led to the birth of artistic movements went to adopt different methods in the presentation of the idea of what was circulating through formal simplification versus intensification of the idea and the call for the use of simple forms, which can be perceived directly by the viewer and without any visual obstructions lead To the visual disturbance of the idea addressed to him, as the designer to discharge the formal elements of the figurative at times by reducing the fine details in favor of the external body of the form or through the nature of the relations between them, it can be organized and at once inconsistent according to the idea of the designer and relations that Set for forms to be sent to the recipient.

Keywords: The reversal, minimalistic, Modern commercial, advertising

Geography Concept Between Multiplicity of Definitions and Unity of Content An Analytical and Critical Study as far as Geographical Thought is Concerned

Haider Abdul Amir Razzouk

pp. 34 - 70


The present study raises a number of ideas and geographical trends that are used by researchers or academic institutions , universities, schools and they are generally the western school ideas, Through our survey of the most important definitions presented by the most prominent geographers starting from the old classical geographical thought, the contemporary one, it is evident that although they are numerous in formation, their content is one which revolves around the concept of place location, Place and location – the interactive relationship between places and the characteristics. The first establishes a general geography, while the second keeps up with a special one, Both are investigated inductively and deductively to achieve a kind of balance between the concept and the comprehensive reality, knowing that most modern methods revolve in the same circle, Geography is the scientific study of a place by a style and menthol which related to it the definitions that mentioned by geographers in different time stages reflected the development of geographical thought, and we can't take each of them separately because they will be unable to covered all the multiple Aspects of this scientific field, It can be said there is no a many these definitions that can be described as false or invalid, but all are useful , the researcher has determined the basic concepts in this study considering that the research results came with indications concepts that adopted by it, which are the concepts the space and time concept and the geography science

Keywords: Concept, The concept of space and time, the geography Science.