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Volume 2 Issue 1 (March 2020)

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Analyzing The Educational Researches Role in the Creativity Development Future Dirasat Journal of Educational Sciences at the Jordanian University as a Model

Sumaia Eid Hussein Mohammad

pp. 1 - 23   |  DOI: 10.29329/babir.2020.232.1


The research aimed at reveal about analysis the role of Dirasat Journal of Educational Sciences at the Jordanian University in the future of creativity development. To achieve this goal, A purposeful sample consisted of (68) published researches. The researcher adopted content analysis method, and the most significant results were: The educational researches at the Journal of Educational Sciences got modest role in the future creativity development. The role of educational process was the most understanding and knowledgeable among the researchers; it got (64%), It was also found that the personality traits role was the least understanding and knowledgeable among researchers; it got (1%).The researcher recommended that the Scientific Research Deanship at the Jordanian University be interested in issuing a special issue that includes researches and studies looking at creativity, talent and excellence.

Keywords: Analysis, Role, Creativity Development, Dirasat Journal.

The Position and The Margin in the Feminist Novel (Syudat Al-Qamar For Jukha Al-Harthy as a Model)

Amani Harith Al-Ghanmi

pp. 24 - 51   |  DOI: 10.29329/babir.2020.232.2


Topped the novel is literary species as a the broadest textual space that enables the creator and creative to express themselves and depicting human life and emphasized its ability to attract the interest of the Arabian reader, it dominated on the reading space in the receive operations, to return the nature of the novelist work, which capable to prosecution of  developments and deep transitions in the Arabic societies, As the mirror of reality of these societies, and searching in the contemporary Arabic novel, by giving way the study many of humanitarian issues that are not tolerated , which seemed sense novelist refers to charley and highlight them to change winning in thought and awareness of the Arabic, the Arabic feminist novel in general and the Omani feminist novel private share in the partition of these developments after knew Oman changes various . which started in the seventies and eighties of the twentieth century which included  all political, social, economic and cultural fields, The novel (Syudat Al-Qamar) came to replaced thorny issues and sensitive and what is a social, Ideology, religious and political defying fact, it turned out of the general history transition to private history for Omani self and list their details and focus on account of the life of the marginalized socially, its appearance rejected prevailing in order to get rid of the constraints of freedom through the dual position and the margin, what is the margin vision of the center, Is it utilitarian or an attempt to overcome it? what is the center's view of the margin?         

Keywords: The position, The margin, Syudat, Al-qamar

Tolerant Condition in Continuance Stability of Societies in Islamic Approach

Salwa Jarjees Salman

pp. 52 - 68   |  DOI: 10.29329/babir.2020.232.3


Allah "Almighty" has created man, honored and favored him over all creatures and distinguished him with attributes and capabilities that defined the most important features of his humanity, values ​​and moral commitment were among the most prominent contributions that contributed to the attribute of humanity to man in the world in general, and in the Islamic world in particular. And since most societies witness a diversity and difference in religion, custom, culture, language, and others, the sustainability of these societies stability and achieving coexistence and societal peace in them, it will require a commitment to a number of things that must be achieved, the most important of them is achieving the value of tolerance and instilling it in the souls of members of society with religious, customary and other diversity, because tolerance is an important value that must be lived together for a stable and secure society.

Perhaps the questions that will be raised in order to explain the reason for choosing the topic and its importance, and to provide solutions to achieve this in light of the Islamic approach, lie in the following: 1-What do we mean by "tolerance"?"

2-How can we achieve tolerance as a condition for the stability of societies? 3-What is the importance of tolerance and its role in establishing coexistence and societal peace?

In order to answer these questions, the research has risen to a preamble showing the meaning of (tolerance) language and convention, while the themes of the research revolve around forms or types of tolerance, the importance of tolerance and its role in achieving stability in societies as well as the most important means that help in achieving this, including reference to the Quranic verses that confirm and urge the value of tolerance to work with, and following the Prophet "peace be upon him" (in word and deed).

Thus, we have come up with many results, the most important of these results can show that tolerance means accepting the other and respecting his opinion, working to protect him, the need to apply the law in order to achieve justice, and to make the value of tolerance an approach in the constitution of the state etc.


The Representation of Argumentative in (The Tıger and The Fox) Story: An interpretative Approach

Senan Abdaziz Abd Alrheem

pp. 69 - 90   |  DOI: 10.29329/babir.2020.232.4


This research was a journey in the contents of an ancient Arab fictional heritage book, an important prose model that drew our attention, and in its conclusion we refer to a number of results after we explored the arguments in the book on which the story's figures were based on in their dialogues and records, presented by its author Sahl Bin Haroun for advice. Pilgrims rely on good reason, experience, and sound thought, and in his career he invokes Arab examples, historical incidents, lessons, mental analyzes, etc. in order to prove the validity of the opinion of its owner. There are several types of pilgrims in the story into three types: A- The fox is a transmitter of the pilgrim mission. B- The fox is receiving the pilgrim mission. C- Pilgrims supporting the construction of public discourse, which are important in establishing the pillars of the story and its functioning.
Availability of the story on all kinds of pilgrims, which are abstract, directive, orthodontic, fallacious and problematic . There are a number of graphic functions in these pilgrims, which are news, influential, and pilgrimage. Existence of many political and social implications in the Hajj examples: the acquisition of the government and its capabilities, the injustice of the parish, the role of the footnote between the advice, corruption, guidance, critical reform calls, and so on.

Keywords: Arguments, Fox, mental analyzes.

Motives For Gulf Interest in the Horn of Africa

Muna. H. Obaid

pp. 91 - 108   |  DOI: 10.29329/babir.2020.232.5


The Horn of Africa is one of the vital geographically important regions, because its countries overlook the Indian Ocean on the one hand, as well as its control of the southern entrance to the Red Sea, where the Bab al-Mandab strait on the other hand. Hence, his country controls the world trade route, especially the oil trade coming from the Gulf countries to Europe and the United States. It is also an important passage for any military moves coming from Europe or the United States towards the Arab Gulf region.

The strategic depth of this region is also important to the national security of the Arab states in general and the Gulf states in particular, so it is necessary to place them within the circle of Arab interaction and influence, especially as it is an arena for the ambitions of many regional and international powers.

The Horn of Africa region is also of great importance due to its direct association with the security of the Gulf Cooperation Council states, and therefore the changes taking place in that region should be dealt with a great deal of seriousness and caution in light of a set of considerations that are considered as determinants affecting the national security system The Gulf, perhaps the most important of which is the proximity of the Horn of Africa to the sources of oil in the Persian Gulf.

Keywords: The Horn of Africa, Gulf National Security, Arab Gulf Countries, Oil Resources.

The Internal Criticism in the Explanation of Al Tahawi's Ma'ani Al Aathar (The Meanings of Traces)

Mosaddaq Ameen Ateah Aldoori

pp. 109 - 131   |  DOI: 10.29329/babir.2020.232.6


The Internal Criticism in The Explanation of Al Tahawi's Ma'ani Al Aathar (The Meanings of Traces) Praise be to Almighty Allah. Peace and blessings be upon his messenger Muhammad, his family, his companions, and those who follow him:

The internal criticism, in the prophetical hadith studies, means criticizing the main texts. The text herby represents the ultimate script. To be more clear and specific, it represents any saying, action or a report of the prophet (PBBUH) which were reported via scripts. Though there are many definitions of Hadith criticism. Yet I prefer to define it as reading the hidden meaning among lines to accept the hadith reporting or to refuse it. Moreover, we know that the internal criticism undergoes a group of controllers greatly known by experts.

Keywords: Internal Criticism, Al Tahawi, prophetical hadith.

The Role of Kurdish Satellite Channels in the Face of Terrorism

Sara Mohsin Qader

pp. 132 - 157   |  DOI: 10.29329/babir.2020.232.7


The mass media is considered one of the most powerful tools of modern communication that helps the recipient audience to cope well with the age and interact with, and it also has an important role in explaining the issues and raising them to the public opinion in order to prepare them medially and in particular, towards the issues concerned with the national security in addition to what happens on the world stage.

The nature and role of mass media in consolidating democracy and promoting the values of political participation and policy decision-making are linked to the philosophy of the system in which it operates to and the degree of freedom that it enjoys within the social structure. From this point, the global and regional information have focused at the beginning of 2011 on the phenomenon of terrorism, extremism and its reflections on the region and the whole world in terms of its nature that had begun since 2012 with development and inclusiveness. The reader of the phenomenon of terrorism and extremism finds that it takes the consideration and attention of peoples, governments around the world because of its serious impressions for the security and stability of the state.

The definition of the research problem depended on increasing the interest of phenomenon of terrorism and the interest in an integrated approach that joins the role of the information with security and political treatment to face terrorism and its negative effects at community, as the interest had increased in studying the relation of the dependence on the mass media in general and on satellite channels in particular. The research aims to identify the extent of the activities of news channels on striving terrorism and reduce this phenomenon through comprehensive news coverage of terroristic operations and educate community members to the concept of terrorism, also the extent of the risk of this phenomenon and to reach the measurement of effectiveness of the role of satellite channels in this framework.

Based on the data and results of the theoretical and practical study, the researchers presented a set of proposals that may contribute to clarify the role of mass media in striving the phenomenon of terrorism and extremism from the viewpoint of faculty members at the University of Salah-Aldin, and as follows:

- Establishing practical strategic mechanisms to confront the cataclysm of terrorism, extremism, reduce, follow-up and eliminate them.

- The necessity of preparing qualitative training programs to raise the level of workers at the national mass media and their sufficiency to deal with important issues and problems which face the Kurdish community, and to promote the informative work in general.

- The necessity of adopting objective Kurdish mass media in dealing with various issues and problems.

Keywords: Information, Kurdish satellite channels, Terrorism.